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Friday, 19 August 2016

It's been a busy year ! ADG / ASDACS CEO, Kingston Anderson continues to fight for greater rights for directors; responding against the proposed introduction of US fair use provisions and reduction to the copyright term at the Australian productivity commission IP review hearings in Sydney, meeting with government in Canberra and further progressing ADG standard contractual negotiations.

At the request of the Board, (Chaired by Stephen Wallace), I joined delegates from 250 international authorship societies at the CISAC general assembly in Paris earlier this year where I had the chance to progress relationships with current and potential international partners, as well as report on recent developments in Australia at the W&DW Committee meeting (see W&DW Audiovisual Campaign and statement in support of Australian audiovisual authors).

ASDACS is currently in negotiations with a total of 10 collection societies from Europe and South America (we hope to announce more partnerships shortly).

Also, we're pleased to announce ASDACS' collection income is well on track and over our half year target. The latest distribution is closing soon - so if you've received a notification from us, we urge you to get in touch - we have royalties for you !

Big thanks to all ASDACS staff - Belinda Button for all her core support and hard work, as well as Courtney Rawlings and Matt Harvey for the extra dedicated assistance.

Deb Jackson ASDACS EO




The Australian Copyright Act was amended in 2005 to recognise directors as copyright owners for the purposes of the statutory retransmission scheme which collects royalties when a free to air television broadcast is retransmitted across a different network. However, directors are not entitled to a share of these royalties if they have not retained their right to receive royalty income in their contracts. ASDACS has drafted a clause you can use in your next contract to reserve these rights, and the ADG or your lawyer can advise you on this.If you have already reserved your right to a share of Australian retransmission income, the ASDACS Voluntary Rightsholder Scheme will allow ASDACS members to claim and receive this income through ASDACS.

Despite past victories which have returned a small stream of retransmission royalty payments, Australian directors continue to face strong opposition for fair pay for their creative work. They often receive no benefit from the growing digital market and have no body of work to derive future incomes from in contrast to directors from other parts of the world including the United Kingdom. A simple amendment to Australia’s Copyright Act so the definition of “maker” of a film specifically refers to directors. As a result, directors will share copyright in films and TV productions with producers.

This change will ensure a sustainable future for directors with improved recognition of their creative contribution in film and television in line with producers, screen writers and composers. This campaign is supported worldwide through the international authors’ body, Writers and Directors Worldwide. Click here for more information on our 'Fair deal for directors' campaign.