ASDACS represents directors – film, television and all audiovisual media directors of works in public release – in collecting the rights that arise from the success of their work around the world.

Incorporated in 1995, ASDACS is the Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society, set up on behalf of all such directors in Australia and New Zealand. ASDACS belongs to its members, over 850 mostly Australian and New Zealand filmmakers and television directors whose works have gone on from their first release to be seen in secondary markets: on overseas stations, on cable or pay TV, in schools in France or on rented DVDs in Spain. In its role as representative of its members, ASDACS is authorised to claim royalties that are generated in these widely-spread territories through rights that are recognised there and collectively managed on behalf of the authors of these works. It is then ASDACS’ task to collect and distribute these royalties to the creative rightsholder members.

ASDACS has claims on behalf of over 30,000 works and has made 16 distributions of income collected for the mostly Australian and New Zealand directors of these works.