ASDACS has a series of procedures in place to ensure that members are fully informed of its policies and uses complaints as an opportunity to improve its service to members and interested others.

ASDACS has not had any complaint warranting investigation by the Code Reviewer, but it regularly reports any comment or criticism of its policies and practice and fully details its responses for the purpose of oversight under the Code Review.

Phone complaints:
Members who phone the office with a query or complaint will have a response by phone within 48 hours. All complaints are logged and a regular report made to the Board. The results of any investigation made into a complaint will be communicated to the member and noted in their records.

Emails and other letters:
Best efforts will be undertaken to ensure that written queries or complaints will be replied to within a week. All such letters are collected and reported to the Review and wherever appropriate to the ASDACS Board. Results of any investigation of queries and complaints are also reported as soon as practicable.