ASDACS membership is open to all directors of a film or television program that has either:

  • received a theatrical screening
  • been broadcast on Australian or New Zealand television
  • been broadcast in Europe 

There is no joining fee, and no annual fee for ASDACS membership. Any money we charge is taken out of money ASDACS collects on your behalf – money you would not otherwise receive.

ASDACS membership can coexist with membership of other societies like DGA. ASDACS will only collect for those works you authorise it to collect for. Other societies may not allow dual memberships and no society will support dual registration of works. If your career is mostly in Australia or New Zealand then ASDACS is your natural choice.

ASDACS members include directors of many nationalities who have directed Australian and New Zealand films.

We welcome expressions of interest in membership from anyone who meets these criteria.