ASDACS has a number of core services:

  • Registration of works
  • Research
  • Building international partnerships for reciprocal representation
  • Collective management of authorship rights income
  • Help with directors’ registration for other non-authorship copyright income
  • Management of Australian rights income for overseas partners
  • Adopting quality solutions to increase copyright societies’ interoperability
  • Supporting moves to improve national and international copyright laws and practices
  • Working towards increased recognition and protection of creators’ rights
  • Cultural purposes fund to advance copyright law reform

For Australian and New Zealand director members ASDACS is a constructive link with their industry.

ASDACS provides an administrative hub for information collected on locally-made works – with or without public funding – which are successful in overseas broadcast. It engages outside agencies to monitor screenings in key parts of Europe and amalgamates the results of the findings. It is continually improving its systems for identifying uses of its members’ works.

For overseas directors ASDACS is a source of contact and information about our industry and our rights position.

ASDACS partners with collecting societies in Europe and wherever authorship rights are established by statute and works in every way it can to offer reciprocal representation to their director members. As of 2010 ASDACS offers reciprocal partners agency arrangements with Screenrights for the registration and collection of their members’ rights to retransmission income in Australia.

ASDACS dedicates up to 4% of its annual income to support projects that advance directors. These include seminars, copyright law reform campaigns and the annual ADG directing awards.